April - May 2015

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In This Issue

The Ancient Forest—A walk through BC’S hidden treasure

The Ancient Forest is located 113 km east of Prince George off Highway 16, in one of the upper Fraser River Valley’s few remaining antique stands of western red cedar.

👤Nowell Senior

Driving BC’s Radio-assisted Logging Roads

If you’re new to the North and you’ve come from a place that’s less wild and rugged, you may be unsure about driving radio-assisted logging roads.

👤Morgan Hite

Leadership Development on the Land

It was more than a decade ago that I was backpacking in the remote and isolated Spatsizi in the heat of the day and the weight of the pack was taking its toll.

👤Curtis Rattray

Cold Frames and Hotbeds—Stretching the northern growing season

When frost-free days are counted like gold in a treasury, gardeners search for ways to get the greens a little sooner. Cold frames, hotbeds, row covers and cloches help bridge the almost season and give the anxious green thumb something to do—other than obsessively check the overnight temperatures.

👤Emily Bulmer

Dirt Secrets— Understanding northern soils is key to good gardening

“Most of the old timers certainly knew where to put their farms for the best soils.”

👤Norma Kerby

The Paradox of Anyox—New hope springs from old mine site

What does it feel like to stand in the middle of a slagheap? To climb around the innards of an old-but-not-forsaken dam? Or to pick your way across a falling-down power plant whose crumbling floors could swallow you with nary a burp?

👤Joanne Campbell

Growth in aboriginal tourism means cultural opportunities for visitors

Anyone who considers Canada a dull and uncultured country clearly hasn’t experienced the rich heritage of northern BC, where hundreds of First Nations communities provide the region with a history rooted several millennia into the earth and traditions that significantly pre-date European arrival on the continent.

👤Amanda Follett Hosgood

Measure Twice—Hitting the Deck: Get your Favourite Summertime Hangout Ship-Shape

Ahhh… the pleasures of a deck: warm sun, family gatherings, barbeques and the personal satisfaction of constructing one yourself.

👤Terry Fulljames

On the Fly: The Crooked River

The Crooked River, flowing north from its origins at Summit Lake 30 km from Prince George, is a secondary tributary of the Parsnip River system, which empties into the south end of Williston Lake Reservoir near Mackenzie Junction on Highway 97 North.

👤Brian Smith

April 2015 Cartoon

Joke's on the government, cause I'm paying my taxes in Canadian dollars.

👤Hans Saefkow

Politics and culture at the 2015 Canada Winter Games

How does one deal with corporations with questionable ethics and their sponsorship pitches to support arts and culture?

👤Rob Budde