August - September 2014

There's a little Huck Finn in all of us this time of year; this wild child is dropping a line in the Suskwa River. Photo: Paul Glover

In This Issue

Invasive Plant Survey

Help the Invasive Species Council of BC conduct a survey on public awareness of invasive plants.

👤Invasive Species Council of BC

Wheelin’ in the North

Road trips are great, but there’s really no better way to see a new place than from the seat of a bike.

👤Amanda Follett

Diversity, adversity and prosperity:  A colourful history meant ups and downs for BC immigrants

In the mid- to late-1800s, northern BC’s non-aboriginal population exploded.

👤Josephine Boxwell

Mountain garden: Discovering grace in the great northern wilderness

It was another perfect Saturday among the many this summer.

👤Al Lehman

Crop studies:  Learning more about the food we grow

In the 1940s and ’50s, federally funded experimental farms in Smithers and Prince George were part of a network across Canada established to trial new crops and develop the nation’s agricultural prowess.

👤Alicia Bridges

Rainbow Carrots:  New farmers bring promise to north coast agriculture

“So how did you become so enthusiastic about being a farmer?” I ask Anita Hein, owner of Anita Farm in Jackpine Flats outside Terrace.

👤Norma Kerby

Cetaceans & citizen science in the North

Phooooouuuuuuughhhhhht. A humpback whale exhales.

👤Caitlin Birdsall

Bug Bonanza: Is climate change impacting northern spiders and insects?

A slight movement on my sleeve catches my attention: A spider—the size of a nickel. Yeow!

👤Norma Kerby

Skilokis Ridge: Stairway to heaven

Skilokis Ridge is a remarkable trail that makes the claim to having you above treeline—on a spur of Blunt Mountain—in 30 minutes.

👤Morgan Hite

August 2014 Cartoon

After 20 years, Allison and the rest of the station staff really had no clue how big a hectare was.

👤Hans Saefkow

Where is here?

Lheidli-Prince George history is coming alive before our eyes.

👤Rob Budde