August - September 2015

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August 2015 Cartoon

​It's WAY too expensive and causes me lots of problems so I want to trade it in this fall...I'm looking for something more dependable and maybe a little more eco-friendly.

👤Hans Saefkow

Respecting Nonhuman Beings

In the late 1990s, Cree elder David Bird visited my Aboriginal Literature class at the University of Winnipeg.

👤Rob Budde

Zombie Fighters Grow Here

I’d been feeling rather grumpy about the world.

👤Joanne Campbell

Wasps be Like…

Our good friend, my godson, has his birthday in August. Birthday parties involving wiener-roasts often happened at Kleanza Creek just west of Terrace, a shaded area beside cool running water in a lovely setting.

👤Charlynn Toews

Camping with Wolves on Porcher Island

“Wolves? Yes, we have them, but they leave us alone and we leave them alone.”

👤Keith Billington

Relax by Rail Travels through the North by train and ferry

I recently travelled by rail from Prince George to Prince Rupert, a journey that should have taken 12 hours.

👤Hilary Crowley

Seaton Ridge trail:  A high lookout upon many ranges

As you drive into Moricetown from the south you can’t help but notice the prominent peak that seems to stand just behind the town.

👤Morgan Hite

In Search of the Strange: a tour of the odder side of northern BC

Once upon a time there was a young, ordinary man, in search of the extraordinary experience his life had thus far kept hidden.

👤Matt J Simmons

Smokin’ Good Fish:  Many ways to smoke a salmon

A slight breeze rustles the aspen leaves, and on it drifts the distinct scent of a northern summer. It could be a campfire or a Bar-B-Q, but when the days are long and when the salmon are running, the smell of smoke carries with it the flavour of curing fish and the promise of good eating throughout the winter.

👤Emily Bulmer

Grand Entrances:  Northerners and the long drive home

“Map says it’s public right-of-way.”

👤Norma Kerby

Cows vs. Frogs:  Fort Fraser Ranch promotes amphibian biodiversity

“Here’s something worthwhile. A rancher in the Fort Fraser area wants to monitor for us. He says that they have lots of amphibians and snakes on their ranch—at least five different species.”

👤Norma Kerby

On the Fly: The Blackwater River

The Blackwater, or West Road River, is not only one of our Canadian heritage rivers, but is also a world-class trout fishery.

👤Brian Smith