August - September 2016

Camping, old school, on Bornite Mountain near Terrace, BC. Photo by Paul Glover.

In This Issue

The Hopper:  A fly for hot days, grass meadows and lazy rivers

Northern BC’s summers are often too short; however, August and September can bring some of the most interesting and fun kinds of fly-fishing: stalking the banks of low-water rivers for big, fat rainbows with large grasshopper patterns.

👤Brian Smith

A Mammoth Discovery: Decades later, fossils still shrouded in mystery

In the summer of 1971, men and machines were working on removing the overburden (mining lingo for “dirt”) on Noranda’s Bell Mine on the Newman Peninsula of Babine Lake when their work revealed a jumble of ancient, oversized bones.

👤Jane Stevenson

The Path of the Herbalist

Imagine dried herbs, ground-up roots and powdered barks carefully labelled and arranged in neat wooden boxes, dried berries wrapped in a deer skin pouch or willow bark being boiled in a cast iron pot over an open campfire.

👤Emily Bulmer

Gone but not forgotten:Port Edward’s defunct canneries offer everything from history to beachcombing

A freight train rumbles past not 50 feet from our red-hued cottage, a throwback to an age when rail was the only way into this once-remote outpost on the northwest coast.

👤Amanda Follett Hosgood

Are We Losing Our Aspens?

It’s a beautiful day in May 2012 and the air is filled with millions of tiny, fluttering moths.

👤Paul Glover

McDonell Lake Trail

The McDonell Lake Trail is an old horse-packing route that historically began at the lake, opposite Copper River Ranch.

👤Morgan Hite

Surviving change

On my drive home, I see a mountain in the Telkwa Range just south of the Bulkley Valley. Every time I see that mountain I think, Now there’s a survivor!

👤Joanne Campbell

Forces of yes: Positive affirmations for Pacific salmon and healthy watersheds

Discussions around natural gas obtained through fracking and carried by pipelines across the province to terminals on the coast, where it is liquefied for export, have been draped around arguments about the region’s economic wellbeing: We need the projects for the strength of the GDP, to get resources to market, for jobs, for families etc., etc.

👤Rob Budde

August 2016 Cartoon

While the effects of the more common 'Tent Caterpillar' fade, the lesser known 'Motorhome Caterpillar' still wreaks havoc in local fruit trees.

👤Hans Saefkow

Manual Labour

Did you know you can “save money and garage space” with a brand-name 12-amp compact blower vacuum?

👤Charlynn Toews